Mouth Guards and Night Guards

Mouth Guards


Protecting your teeth from injury is important. We will fit you for custom fitting mouth guards to keep your teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue safe during sports play. A mouth guard can also protect you from some types of head injury.

Night Guards

(Teeth Grinding and Clenching)

Snoring can be a risk to your health and an annoyance for those around you. We can fit you for a custom night guard that can help. Some signs of teeth clenching can be mild headaches and sore jaws. When grinding of teeth is done often over time, it may cause teeth to break, chip or even loss of teeth.

At Mona Lisa After Denture Clinic we will custom fit you with night guard using a semi hard material providing a cushion between the upper and lower teeth. Which will lighten the tension and cushion the muscles and prevent jaw pain.

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